we do.

Let’s not overcomplicate.
We tell stories and make beautiful visuals move like magic.
Chooser your Character


  • Pre-production
    (concept, storyboard)
  • Simple graphics
  • Fast Motion Graphics
  • Post-production
  • (Music, voice-over)


  • Pre-production
  • (concept, storyboard, styleframes)
  • Dedicated Illustrations
  • Complex Motion Graphics
    and character animation
  • Post-production
  • (Sound FX, Music,


  • Pre-production
  • (script, concept, storyboard, styleframes)
  • Conceptual illustrations
  • Top Motion Graphics
    (2D, 3D and character animation)
  • Post-production
  • (Sound FX, Music,
    voice-over customization)


  • Pre-production
    (concept, storyboard)
  • Illustrations or Graphics
  • Motion Graphics
  • Post-production
  • (Sound FX, Music,
    voice-over customization)


We start from your visionary ideas, which could work but need some magic.
It is HARD to make ideas in your brain translate to other people. So, together we will peel all the layers, sharpen and simplify your key message. At this point we also want to know all the visual references you have: other companies, videos, movies, or social media content. Oh, and don’t forget the boring stuff, we have to settle deadlines, understand your target audience, define budgets and goals.


The PILAR of the video production process is the final script. Clients have a reeeeeally hard time closing it. It should be direct and easy to understand because this is how your message is conveyed. Like a 5-year old could relate. K.I.S.S., Keep it simple and stupid.


To help you visualize your story we prepare a storyboard. This will be the   directions for our trip together. It tells your story with the script, along with sketched scenes and the animated directions of each scene, like actions and transitions. So don’t worry, we won't get lost.

Voice Over

Our brain sucks. It can only read and understand around 130 words per minute. AND it needs breathers, so we don’t shut down. With the validated script we can record the voice-over with the right tone and pace for your video. Choosing the right voice is like choosing the perfect song. It will influence your pace, your emotions and empathy.


From the sketches we drew and the visual references we shared, our design team can start illustrating some scenes. We can prepare style frames that will include possible designs for the characters and backgrounds. Finally, once you approve we will tweak all the details, and start illustrating all the scenes.


This is where the magic happens. After all the planning and revisions, it is pretty awesome to see all the illustrations come to life. The animation can be 2D, 3D, motion graphics, frame by frame, whiteboard, cutout,...


Don’t worry. We are the Motion Masters. We know which one to choose for you.


The compositer is a master painter with temperamental tendencies. They need to put together animations, backgrounds, graphics, green screens, visual effects and live action footage. But you can’t interrupt their work! As the final result is a beautiful work of art with the elements fitting perfectly together to make an unforgettable visual experience, worthy of all the Louvre, Met and CCB’s of the world.

Music & Sound FX

We are no John Williams. But we pride ourselves on having a mad tempo to put music and motion together. The soundtrack has to work perfectly with the mood of the video and pace of the voice-over. Then we add all the clickety-clacks, the humpfs and the Kapow! Zap! Splat! and then...

We have a video!